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Publishing Office and Publishing Council

Publishing Office

The main purpose of Publishing Office is to implement the University publishing activities at the professional level.

The officers are highly skilled literary and technical editors, who implement editing and proof-reading of texts as well as preparation of page layouts.

Publishing Office collaborates with a range of printing houses providing authors with possibility to choose various designs of books, brochures and booklets.

The prepress is conducted in appliance with valid Standards for information, library and publishing:

Head of Publishing Office: Lvova Olga Victorovna, Candidate of Philological Sciences


Address: Peterburgskoye Shosse 10, Pushkin, St. Petersburg 196605

Tel.: (812) 451-91-76

e-mail: rio@lengu.ru


Publishing Council

Publishing Council is a deliberative body led by Vice-rector for Research.

The main functions of Publishing Council:

−        Assistance for the University administration in publishing management,

−        Development and optimization of the University publishing,

−        Organization of teaching support in appliance with requirements of educational and scientific literature standards and publishing plans,

−        Supervision for high quality of the products published,

Publishing Council recommends to publication following kinds of issues:

  • Scientific – monographs, preprints, prolegomena;
  • Educational – textbooks, teaching and methodological manuals, chrestomathies, exercise books, exercise books for practice;
  • Reference – dictionaries, directories, etc.

According to Publishing Council Provisions, the committee conclusion on a particular publication is the only reason for getting the university stamp. Educational publications undergo compulsory verification for compliance with requirements of current educational standards and approved curriculums.

Materials directed to Publishing Council should be in following set:

  • Manuscript – text, typed in MS Word 12 point, 1,5 interval and printed on one side of standard monosort white paper in A4 format;
  • File of the manuscript on electronic media fully conformed to the printed text. Images should be saved in .jpeg format, mathematical formulas should be created in Equation;
  • Two reviews, certified by Human Resources Office or chancellery at the reviewer’s place of work with designating academic degree, rank, position and contact details of the reviewer;
  • Extract from the Department Meeting Minutes recommending the manuscript to publication with Vice-rector for Research’s signature;
  • Manuscript agreement statement (for educational publications).

The apparatus of the book should include introduction, the list of recommended literature with full publication data in appliance with GOST. The annotation of the educational publication should include the code and the title of specialization of the learners for whom the publication is intended.


Secretary of Publishing Council: Lvova Olga Victorovna, Candidate of Philological Sciences

Tel.: (812) 451-91-76

e-mail: o.lvova@lengu.ru