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Research Division

Research Division

  • organizes and maintains competitions, exhibitions;
  • contributes to the efficient use of scientific and technical potential of Pushkin Leningrad State University, in accordance with socio-economic needs in the field of higher education, science and industry of Leningrad region, Northwestern region and the Russian Federation integrally;
  • coordinates the implementation of fundamental, exploratory and applied research and development projects at departments, research laboratories and research institutes of the university in priority areas of science and technology in accordance with the profile of training specialists at the university;
  • makes for increasing the efficiency of research based on the up-to-date equipment -- computer equipment and equipment for faculty members and other categories of the staff’s skills growth;
  • creates the necessary economic, social and industrial conditions for the widest involvement in research of all categories of the university staff and students;
  • provides for obligatory participation of every teacher of the university in scientific, methodological or other compulsory academic activities within teachers’ full-time work.
  • realizes:
    • the scientific-methodical and scientific-technical support of the educational process and training of highly skilled specialists;
    • the fundamental and applied research and experimental development;
    • the creation and implementation of scientific and technical products;
    • the information support to the activities of the university departments for the purpose of obtaining government contracts and participating in competitions of research works;
    • the coordination of research activities of the university departments with grant-awarding funds and organizations;
    • training and retraining the university staff for the purpose of increasing their scientific skills, as well as for maintaining the scientific-technical production created;
    • delivering scientific-technical and consulting services in all areas of the university’s activity;
    • the information service for the departments and the patent service, organization of scientific conferences, seminars, meetings, exhibitions, fairs, the sale of products of intellectual labour;
    • editing thematic collections of scientific works, conference/congress/symposium proceedings, and selling them.


Head of Research Division

Angelika A. Belyaeva

Specialists in scientific and methodical work

Olga V. Gavrilova

Natalia V. Skorina

Tel/Fax: (812) 476-90-36

E-mail: nauch@lengu.ru

Address: 196605, St. Petersburg, Pushkin, Peterburgskoe shosse, 10