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Student Activities Office

Student Activities Office

  • plans, implements and analyses out-of-class educational work at the university;
  • organizes out-of-class activities;
  • organizes and coordinates the student government of the university;
  • provides students with information about out-of-class activities and events;
  • organizes Pushkin LSU student groups’ participation in interuniversity events;
  • organizes events aimed at carrying out civil and patriotic, artistic and aesthetic, legal, vocational, physical, spiritual and moral education of the students;
  • registers officially student multi-travel passes for the public transport in St. Petersburg.


Head of Student Activities Office - Vitalii Yu. Shevelev

Choir Director - Sergey S. Kuzmin

Concertmaster - Daniil V. Zhilin

Photographer - Anna P. Medvedeva

Art-director - Marina E. Migalkina

Specialist in educational and methodical work - Ekaterina A. Murzina

Sound Engineer - Mikhail A. Klyuev, Ekaterina A. Kozlova

Secretary - Ludmila M. Kostenko, Georgii A. Polyakov

Tel.: (812) 451-98-69

E-mail: studotdel@inbox.ru