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Students’ Scientific Association

Students’ Scientific Association is the association of the Pushkin Leningrad State University students with an interest in science and research.

The aim of the Association is to boost standards in professional development, to maintain and develop the university’s scientific potential and to facilitate students' research and their integration into the education and research community.

Our tasks

  • attracting students to scientific activities starting from the very beginning of their university studies
  • prompting research activities and encouraging students to combine scientific cognition with enhanced  and creative mastering of the material
  • developing students' creativity in profession through research and increasing the quality of young professionals’ training
  • involving the youth with scientific schools
  • arranging scientific and organizational help with the students' independent search
  • implementing an effective information system about scientific events both at the university and out of its walls (research works competitions, conferences, research internships, publication options, etc)
  • promoting the most successful student researchers for post-graduate programmes
  • arranging university-based scientific, academic and methodological events of various levels
  • encouraging international scientific and academic cooperation
  • assisting with the implementation of the students' scientific works
  • attracting students to innovative activities
  • providing the media coverage of the Association’s activities via the Internet and popularizing students’ scientific achievements.

With our help, Pushkin Leningrad State University students have successfully performed in various scientific events (competitions, exhibitions, contests etc). Among the most significant are:

  • ·   "Youth, Science, Culture", a national student research and innovation contest (Moscow),
  • ·   "I will be appreciated in the 21st century", national young people’s research and creative works contest of research (Moscow)
  • UNESCO national youth research and creative works contest for the cultural heritage, environment, health and safety (Moscow)
  • ·   " Russian National Treasure", national talented youth contest
  • ·   "My legislative initiative", national university students’ contest
  • Leningrad Region contest of the youth's scientific and technical works

As a traditional step in facilitating student research activities, a Week of Student Research is held in March and April. During the event, arrange scientific conferences, round table discussions, workshops, research exhibitions and competitions are arranged.

As a result of a constructive cooperation, members of the Association gain deep professional knowledge and analytical skills which significantly increase their competitiveness in the labour market.