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“Tsarskoe Selo Campus” Student Tourist Centre

Tsarskoe Selo Campus - Tours offers exquisite combinations of relaxing, informative and adventurous recreation to your taste! All of the most fascinating places in Russia are at your disposal, with excellent service and maximum attention to your needs.

Tsarskoe Selo Campus - Hotel / Hostel with the capacity of 50 beds is an outstanding option for staying in one of the most beautiful towns around Saint-Petersburg. First-rate service and reasonable pricing are our chief assets.

When ordering an academic trip from Tsarskoe Selo Campus, you don’t have to worry about your meals or accommodation – we’ll provide for everything ourselves!

Tsarskoe Selo Campus owns a wonderful 47-seat motorcoach, which can be rented for excursions, city tours or just transfer. The coach is equipped with a public address system and has everything a traveler needs for a comfortable journey.

We also cater for conferences, forums, seminars, business meetings etc.

Our main activity is designing and providing academic trips for school and university students. No matter what you are studying – History or Music, Geography or Linguistics – we have (or will promptly design!) a programme for you. Our programmes cover all of the sites and attractions worth visiting in and around Saint Petersburg – come and see for yourself!



10 Peterburgskoe shosse,

St.Petersburg (Pushkin),

196605 RUSSIA

Tel./fax: +7 812 451 9028

Email: campuscenter.lgu@ya.ru



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