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Institute of Informatics

The Institute of Informatics carries out organizational, educational, methodological and research activities. The Institute facilitates the development of the university’s corporate telecommunications network and the implementation of web technologies, provides training in computer science to graduate and doctoral students, and participates in retraining and CPD programmes in IT both for the university employees and the employees of other companies and organizations.

Our tasks

  • organizational activities in the field of applying computer educational technologies in higher education
  • scientific research in the field of computer technologies and distance learning
  • methodological support of developing computer-based courses
  • implementation of CPD programmes in the field of computer educational technologies
  • research and development of new information technologies in educational management.

The Institute includes the following organizational units:

  • School of Mathematics and Informatics
  • Internet center
  • Research Laboratory for Computer-based Testing
  • Research Laboratory for Distance Learning
  • Research Laboratory for Multimedia Technologies
  • Research Laboratory for Management Information Systems

The Head of the Institute is Tatiana A. Boronenko (Full Professor, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences).