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Research Institute For Geography, Ecology And Nature Management

The Research Institute carries out fundamental and methodological research a in the field of ecologically rational nature management, environmental supervision and audit, education and retraining of professionals for the system of nature conservation, retaining stability of natural and natural/anthropogenic sytems.

The Research Institute’s activities include:

  • development of standards and criteria of environmental stability of geospacial systems of different types, environmental evaluation and inspection, certification and insurance, environmental consulting, environmental monitoring, juridical services in the sphere of environmental and industrial safety
  • scientific conferences and workshops in different aspects of environmental care, conservation and nature management
  • internships and consultations for young scientists and doctoral students
  • publication of annual abstract bulletin on the Research Institute's research activities
  • organizational and methodological support in raising environmental awareness in youth at the Junior Academy of Environmental Sciences and Local History
  • partnership with scientific and construction organizations, industrial enterprises, social agencies, foundations, etc.
  • retraining and career retraining in environmental care, nature management and conservancy

The Head of the Research Institute is Tatiana S. Komissarova (Full Professor, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences)