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Independent Department of History

The Independent Department of History was established in 2009. It unites historians, who teach at Schools other than School of History and Social Sciences. We arrange for our students’ archaeological internships in the village of Staraya Ladoga (Vladimir Region) and in Saint Petersburg. We also pay great attention to inducing patriotism and public spirit in university and school students of Leningrad Region. Together with Science and Educational Center for Historical Research and Analysis, we traditionally hold memorial events dedicated to Victory Days and significant dates in Russian history. Our professors cooperate with state and municipal authorities, a number of veteran and youth organizations, and various educational institutions in Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Region.

The Head of Department is Vadim O. Levashko (Associate Professor, Candidate of Historical Sciences).

Distinguished professors of the Department

  • Anatoli V. Pohilyuk (Full Professor, Doctor of Historical Sciences)
  • Natalya N. Bogemskaya (Candidate of Historical Sciences)
  • Anatoli L. Nikiforov (Candidate of Historical Sciences)